dental marketingEmail marketing is something which has become rather popular with businesses that utilize the internet in order to get new clients. But since most dental practices are just starting to venture out into the World Wide Web, not a lot of dentists are knowledgeable with the hows and whys of email marketing. There are many benefits to launching an email marketing campaign. However, dentists are overtaken by fear from common misconceptions. Here are a couple of benefits to launching your own email marketing campaign:

Now is never too early to get started.

Often, dentists hesitate because they think that their practice isn’t ready yet. But if you go with this reasoning, when will you ever be ready? The best thing about email marketing is that it’s extremely easy to get started with. You can set aside only five minutes of your time each day to come up with your dental newsletters which you can send out on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis. Your newsletter can be full of information or be something as simple yet interest grabbing as an e-card.

Your persistence allows you to build long term relationships with your patients.

Long-term in the sense that you’ll be able to build deeper relationships with your patients and prospects, and by the time they are ready to go for treatment or have something done, they’ll more likely approach you. And they’ll also be more receptive towards referring you to their family members and friends.

Email reminders serve to prevent unexpected cancellations and no-shows.

Some of the unfortunate things that dentists have to deal with are no-shows and last minute cancellations. There can be nothing more frustrating to a dentist than those two things. Imagine the money lost when a patient cancels or mysteriously doesn’t show up for an appointment. Patient newsletters work to prevent these things from happening because they can also serve as appointment reminders. You can include pre-treatment instructions that patients have to take note of.

These are just some of the benefits of launching an email marketing campaign for your dental practice. You might be scared to try out email marketing for the first time but if you include great content which is as informative as it is attention-grabbing, then you’ll be surprised at how many of your patients actually look forward to your monthly newsletters.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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