According to the recent polls, just about fifty-three percent of businessmen utilize the internet in order for them to interact with their customers and prospects. If we do the simple math, this leaves us with around forty-seven percent of entrepreneurs who have basically cut themselves off from the World Wide Web and the significant amount of individuals that make use of it in a daily basis. This is a scenario which relates very much to dentists.

When you think about all those dentists without any online presence (and maybe you, yourself, are included) the first thing that comes to mind is this: if I’m doing just fine without a dental website, then that only means that I don’t need to have one. But that gives you more reason to have a dental site. If you’re doing well without any dental site, then imagine how much your productivity will increase by having one. Getting interested? Here are a few things that a dental website can do for your practice:

1. Grant your practice visibility.

We all are striving for this. If we cannot recruit random strangers to become paying patients, then at least they’ll know that your practice exists, that it is an option in case they are stricken with a bad case of toothache in the future. Having a dental website essentially puts your practice out there. When prospects are leisurely searching for dental practices near them for a procedure they are interested in but cannot afford at the moment or if they’re doing it in such a pace because their veneer suddenly fell off, you’ll be one of those options they can click on. More points for you if you make it to the very top of the search engine results pages. Without a website, these online surfers will simply think that you don’t exist.

2. Excellent marketing tool.

Marketing is something which is always on your mind. If you can, you’d have someone talk about your practice and why it’s so much better than others for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you cannot hire someone who’ll do just that, your dental website can actually serve that very purpose. Whether they search for dental websites in the wee hours of the morning (because some people just are night owls) or during their lunch breaks, your dental site is still up and running, ready to welcome and convert prospects. Just to ensure that online prospects do give you a call, make sure that you have a Contact Us page with all the information necessary for them to touch base with you.

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