In the past, business owners who wanted to harness the entire power of the Internet had to make sure that their websites were optimized and ranked high in traditional search engine results pages. And the thing about ranking in the traditional manner is that you’re not just number for one search query within your community but you’re number one all over the world. While it took so much more time and effort to get to the top of the SERPs this way, business owners like dentists felt it was all worth it because everyone all over the world will be able to see your website.

Get Local

But with all the effort that goes with ranking high in traditional searches, it seems like such a waste of time when all that a dentist really needs to reach are the people who are in his or her community. This is the entire premise of local marketing – allowing your website to show up in search results but only for people who specifically include the place where your practice is based on their searches. This saves business owners, including dentists, a lot of time and effort that goes into ranking high in SERPs.

Local Mobile Advertising

And if you think that everything stops at local advertising, then you’re very much wrong. With over 75 percent of the entire world’s population having access to mobile gadgets and smartphones, it’s only normal for prospects to be scouting the entire Internet for dentists and dental services on their mobile devices, while they are on the go and out of their desks.

But what is local mobile advertising? What this basically means is that you can advertise your practice to mobile Internet users who are found in the same community which your practice is based in. There are a number of ways wherein ad networks can manage your advertisements and show them only to people who could be in the same locality as you are. Some of the techniques involve geo-tagging either through a wireless device or a user manually inputting his or her zip code, and geofencing which allows advertisers to create a virtual fence around an area and individuals who walk into that certain area will right away receive alerts and advertisements.

While local mobile advertising are still at its infantile stages, the success of local search optimization techniques are proving that dentists who want to advertise their services but in a wise and strategically nuanced manner can do so now with the help of local mobile advertising.

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