For dentists, word-of-mouth marketing is a tried and tested marketing strategy which they have used since the profession existed. And you’ve got to give this strategy some props; it really is effective. So effective that a number of dentists have struck off having a dental website from their marketing to-dos, thinking about the futility of it since they already have a working marketing tool anyway. But before you banish dental websites for good, here are some reasons for why you ought to give this 21st century invention a try:

1. Your online reputation needs building.

While people in your immediate community see you already as the good doctor, they aren’t your only prospects who you can convert into patients. The internet basically opens the door to a place where you can interact with numerous prospects including individuals who didn’t know that your practice existed to begin with. And when it comes to converting people who do not know anything about you, the best way to convince them is to work on your credibility. Because they are more likely to entrust their teeth to people who they know can get the job done, a solid online reputation can help a lot in that department.

2. You can cut your advertising costs considerably with the internet.

In these tough economic times, advertising your practice can be exceedingly impractical, but still it is still a necessity. With the help of the internet, you can basically launch any kind of advertising campaign without worrying about the expenses. If you’re going for a more subtle campaign, you can go for articles which sport educative tones but with marketing messages subtly buried under each sentence. Or you can take a more direct route. Regardless of whatever advertising campaign you plan to undertake, your dental website is always a ready vessel for all of these.

3. Use your dental website to gather data on your target market.

While the prospect of having to give out survey forms to patients and random people on the street and then waiting for them to answer every question can be daunting, not to mention near impossible, you can easily conduct surveys through your dental website. Unless your prospects are in a hurry, they’ll be more receptive to answering a survey sheet online then, let’s say, on the street while they’re on their way to work. If you want to make it brainlessly easy for your website visitors, you can conduct the surveys in a poll-like manner.

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