Change is the thing which sets things in motion. And your willingness for innovation will determine whether your dental practice will stay afloat during these trying economic times or whether it will sadly founder. The recession has really changed the way that your practice is going. You’re dealing now with patients without that much vigor for spending, they’re arriving in smaller numbers and they’re more likely to call you for questions rather than to schedule an appointment. In situations, you really must adapt. Here are some principles you have to consider:

Be Creative

While it’s very easy to be dismissive during these times (the recession has affected you, too!), now is the best time for you to show a bit of inventiveness. Think of every form of customer communications as something which you can profit from marketing-wise. For instance, bills and statements of account aren’t just there to keep your patients abreast of how much they owe you. You can design these communications so that they are linked to other marketing tools such as your dental website. A little change like the way your these communications are designed can really go a long way with your patients.

Always Aim to Inform

If you do not inform, then your patients won’t know anything about the offers and services that they may respond to. You can always add more content in the bid to allow your patients to understand your services much more. For instance, instead of just offering coupons and discounts on your next newsletter, you can include a short explanation on why your teeth whitening service is distinct from the ones offered by other dental practices.

Sometimes, it can be very easy to just withhold information thinking that your patients already know about these things. So every once in awhile, make it a point to step back and assume the mindset of someone who doesn’t know your practice as thoroughly as you do and what information they would most likely appreciate knowing about.

Always Go for Content That Matters

Educating your patients should not just be restricted to those after session health teachings. Your dental website should allow you to post content which tackle subjects that aim to educate your patients as well as prospects. People feed on helpful and genuine information. The more that you show your patients that you care by doling out thoughtful advice, they’ll be even more likely to trust you and value your professional opinion.

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