The idea of dental website marketing goes beyond just receiving high traffic; your dental website should also be able to convert visitors into paying patients. While you presenting your website in a very professional, sleek and intimidating manner can help, you cannot get more patients just by mere looks. For this reason, you need to pay particular attention to your dental website’s content if you want to improve your site’s conversion rate.

When people land into your site, it is the information that you present them with and the manner that you lay these pieces of information on them that will determine whether they’ll click on the next website or give your clinic a call.

Show authority.

When prospects are searching for a new dentist, one criterion is how competent that dentist is. Without observing directly how skilled a dentist is, prospects base competency on knowledge instead – knowledge which they base from the articles that are found on your dental website. You’re the best person to author these articles because, as a dentist, you are considered an authority in the field of dentistry. If you’re not that sure as to what topics to write about, think about some of your patients’ most common concerns.

Address your target market.

In order for you to really connect with your prospects, you must know exactly who they are – what they do, what their preferences are, and how much they are willing to spend for dental procedures. For instance, if you’re fashioning your practice to be more family-oriented, then it’s best to make the convenience of your clinic’s location your main battle cry. Mothers who are pulling their kids along for an annual professional cleaning will be thankful that your clinic is found in the middle of a mall so that they can easily do some needed shopping after the appointment.

Talk about your practice but in your patients’ point-of-view.

By all means, you can blow your own horn especially since the entire point of having a dental website is so that you can advertise your practice. But whatever it is you decide to place on your website, make sure that you evaluate the information posted based on your prospects and future patients’ perspective. Don’t just talk generally about how your practice is the best, instead talk about why your practice is the best for them whether that is because you’re willing to stretch your office hours for patients or because you put added value on services.

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