One mantra which search engine optimization experts live by is that “content is king”. While they may understand exactly what this means to them and their entire business of making websites shoot to the number 1 spot in search engine results pages, what does this mantra have anything to do with you?

The Problem

In this vast medium called the Internet, you are banking on the idea that your people who want to spend on dental services will be able to find your dental website, and click their way to conversion. All of that sounds great on paper, and your dental site is definitely designed to impress, but there’s one huge leap in that story – how will you make sure that prospects will find your dental site? Without your prospects finding your website, then your plan has gone down the drain.

Understanding Your Prospects

Your prospects are inquisitive by nature. Understandably, if you want something, i.e. Teeth whitening procedure, and you’re not so sure about the pros, cons and how to go about with this procedure, you start asking questions, and where better to know the answer to these questions than the Internet. For this reason, prospects flock to search engines day in and day out, such as Google, in order to run their queries. These search engines return your search with links to relevant websites, and these websites contain articles that answer your questions exactly.

The Point

Content marketing enables you to be linked to your prospects so that if they have a question regarding any dental procedure or anything to do with the world of dentistry for that matter, your website will have the content specific enough to answer your prospects’ questions. When your prospects are looking for something, then it’s your responsibility to supply it in the form of blog posts, articles, and/or infographics – that is if you want to convert online prospects into offline patients.

The Content

Now, you cannot just flood your blog posts and articles with keywords just so that your website “matches” with the searches. This may work for a time but your visitors, and Google, will feel cheated and that will result in high bounce rates and a dip in your rating. You do not have to be a Pulitzer award winning writer for your content marketing campaign to work, you just need concise, solid and really helpful articles.

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