Search engine optimization is a cornerstone in any effective online dental marketing campaign. For most people, the entire point of SEO is for your dental website to rank high in the searches. But is earning the number one spot really the only goal of search engine optimization? And if not, then what goes after garnering the top spot?

Despite all the importance that’s placed on getting the number one spot of the search engine results, getting to the top is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes online dental marketing in general. Search engine optimization is just the start of the entire process of attracting new patients through the World Wide Web. The entire process involves these principles:

• If you want to funnel more traffic into your dental website, then you need to invest in excellent SEO service. SEO positions your dental site, making it more visible online so that prospects searching for dental services online can easily locate your website.

• But you cannot just rely on SEO all of the time because your dental website is responsible for the bulk of converting online visitors into paying patients. While your site’s position on the search engine results pages will help in funneling visitors into your dental website, it’s what these prospects will find on your website which will ultimately convince them to give your dental office a call or not.

• Communication is crucial not just in enticing prospects to give your practice a shot but also in the retention of your current patients. Studies show that constant communication with your patients is an effective way to earn your patients’ loyalty. While direct mail is always helpful, there are easier options in this digital age starting with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

• Unless a prospect is in dire pain, then he or she will most likely not convert herself or himself. For this reason, you need to have some sort of a system which will allow you to follow up on prospects that have shown interest in the same way as you would follow-up on patients. Make sure that all of your leads are monitored properly and that you continue to interact with them.

• Make sure that your front office workers are efficient as well as enthusiastic in assisting leads who want to schedule an appointment with you and continue to follow-up on leads who do not.

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