If you think that your dental website isn’t performing up to par, then it’s time for you to take not a quick look at it but a long, surveying one. How long has it been since you’ve really browsed through your dental site, viewing everything in the same perspective as your prospects and patients? Here are a few things that you should put into consideration when revamping your entire dental website:

1. Go back to basics.

If you have three sidebars complete with all the widgets, then maybe you need to start simplifying your dental site’s template a bit. Take a look at your site and rate how easy it is for you to locate the sign up button of your email list or the contact us link. If it took you a frustrating while to see these buttons, then maybe it’s time to simplify everything up. There is a current minimalist trend that’s gripping websites is for a natural reason – the more choices, the more confusing it can get.

2. Address the glitches.

The older and more updated your website become, the more glitches could pile up with regards to design. For instance, a certain page could have a different template than the rest of the pages and links could become broken. It won’t take long until your entire website will look sloppy and incoherently put together. Take the time to address these bumps, weed out links that no longer work and try to make every page synch in with the rest of the pages.

3. Add new content.

You can change the template of your dental website but you can create the most impact if you regularly update your site’s content. To start with, search engines love new content and one way to be ranked in the search results page higher is to simply update your site’s content. Most importantly, your prospects and patients will always appreciate new content. Spruce up the articles you publish with not just marketing posts but also informative, health-related ones.

4. Prioritize the About Us page.

You’re trying to market your services and one way for you to persuade your visitors to set an appointment with you is to let them know a bit more about you. Why exactly did you start your own dental practice and what is it that you can specifically offer your patients? Talk about the values that you hold dearly such as providing value added services or stretching your hours to accommodate working patients.

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