Deciding whether to purchase a new dishwasher is never at the same plane as deciding whether to go through with having dental implants. For one, the former would probably only hurt your wallet, while the latter would hurt both your wallet and your gums. But on a deeper level, while you can always decide to return the new dishwasher should it prove to be defective within the succeeding days, you cannot return your dental implants anymore and you certainly cannot get back the old teeth that you gave up for them.

That is one of the barriers that dentists have to scale when marketing to patients and prospects. Consumers will always be scared of the risk of being dissatisfied with a dental treatment and so they will always have hesitations whenever you present them with a sales pitch. The only way for dentists to make their prospects more receptive to offers is to lower the risk to make the offer more palatable for prospects. Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Blog about it.

Sometimes, fear comes with not knowing exactly what the procedure entails. This is where patient education kicks in. A dental blog is an excellent platform for you to public educational and informative articles regarding various dental procedures. Make sure that your dental website contains links to your dental blog and vice versa to ensure a healthy flow of traffic to and from both sites.

What is so great about blogs as platforms for patient education is that it’s extremely easy to publish content through them and it’s also very easy to foster interaction with the comment boxes conveniently located at the bottom of articles. Blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger allow users to publish posts with just one click.

2. Use photos to tell the story.

Sometimes, prospects just cannot take your word for it. After all, they’re putting their teeth on the line here. In this case, before-and-after photos are always appreciated. Not only do these photos show exactly what a dental procedure can do without having to use dental jargons to drive the point home, the photos also send a message to your prospects that the procedures you’re offering worked with actual, live people and that they could work for them, too.

3. Welcome testimonials.

Who better to talk about your services than the people who once availed of it? Testimonials are extremely useful especially with businesses that are part of the service industry because they are third-party opinions of your practice. Since you have a vested interest, prospects may not be too easy to believe in your pitches. On the other hand, they’re more likely to believe someone who has already elected for the same procedure that they’re thinking of getting.

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