viral-marketingOne of the latest online buzz words involves that of making “viral” content. Just a couple of months ago, viral content was only reserved for videos and other types of content which generated so many laughs or so much strong emotion that people felt compelled to share the content through various social media streams.

However, online marketers were quick to point out the marketing potential of viral content. Currently, a new style of marketing has evolved — viral marketing. This form of marketing involves the use of viral content in order to generate attention towards a certain brand or even a small business.

But what is viral marketing?

The entire idea of viral marketing is that you must generate content which is provoking enough that scores of online users would be willing to share this content using their social media accounts. Basically, viral marketing is rooted on “word-of-mouth marketing” in that in order for a content to reach viral status, you should have enough people to vouch for its significance and recommend its consumption by other individuals.

How can you harness the power of viral marketing to benefit your dental practice?

Viral marketing can be used by any entrepreneur, even small business owners such as dentists. In order for content to reach viral lengths, it should have these properties:

It offers something valuable for free.

Whether you’re offering something intangible like laughter or giving out the possibility for someone to win something, your content, in order for it to go viral, should contain something of value. People are always interested in something that they can get for free even if its the form of entertainment or a product which they could possibly win.

It is easy to be shared.

Do you know why epidemics break out? It’s because the implicated virus is so easy to transmit and share. In the same manner as huge outbreaks develop, your content should also be easy to share. So when you publish something which you intend to go viral, make sure that it can easily be circulated throughout the Internet, whether it means sending the content via email, or sharing it through any of your social media accounts.

It should exploit human motivations.

Know why your prospects would want to share content and exploit that motivation. There are  a number of reasons why individuals feel compelled to share, tweet or re-post certain content, whether it is a desire to look cool or to try and explain something they feel. The main reason is if it affects them on an emotional level.

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