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Ever heard of the “Zero Moment of Truth”? Google recently coined this term to describe how the Internet influences a consumer’s purchasing decisions before they even see a product on the shelf. Simply put, your potential patients are not just using the Internet to find your practice but also to decide whether they will spend their money with you or the dentist two miles down the street from you.

All before they even step into your office.

So how do you go about wooing a patient you’ve never met, who has never met you or your staff and who has never stepped foot into your office? How do you keep your online presence ahead of your competitors’ to “win” that Zero Moment of Truth?

That’s easy. Give them patient video testimonials.

At Dentist Identity, we believe in the power of video marketing for dentists. We know that 80 percent of your online visitors will watch a video while only a mere 20 percent will read through your content. Video testimonials from your patients are easily the most effective way to earn trust, connect on an emotional level, and showcase your credibility. A review from an actual, current patient is crucial to new patient acquisition. In fact, 90 percent of customers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews. But give them a video review from an actual, current patient and it’s game over for your competitors.

The good news? Acquiring and creating testimonial videos from your patients is actually a lot easier than you may think. To help you get started, we’ve given you 5 tips on creating patient videos.

5 Tips for Patient Testimonial Videos

  1. Keep it simple.

We know. You hear the word “video” and you immediately think of a grand production- complete with lighting, cool angles and fancy editing.

Fortunately, all of this is unnecessary. In fact, it can actually be harmful to the credibility of your testimonials. Professional videos will make your patients appear as paid actors, which decreases the sincerity of their testimonial.

Keep the video short, simple and sweet. Most patients will say what they have to say in 15 to 30 seconds and this is more than enough footage to do the job.

The testimonial can (and should) be shot horizontally with a digital camera or a smartphone. Keep the video to one take- this makes it easier for you to edit the video and keeps the testimonial honest and believable.

2. Record on location.

Some practice management systems offer video services that allow patients to record their testimonials at home and send it via email to your office. However, we encourage you to record your patient testimonials in your office when they come in for an appointment. That way you can encourage them to say exactly what they feel without over-thinking it. This makes the testimonial sound less “scripted” and more heartfelt.

This also increases your likelihood of actually acquiring videos. If your patient is hesitant about being on-camera, just ensure them that you will only use the video if they approve it. Also, remember to have your patients sign a release form.

3. Use the right tags.

When you upload your video to YouTube (which we are assuming you will…because you should) you need to tag the video appropriately so that Google knows what the video is about and can index the video properly to show up in searches. The tags should be relevant to the title of the video and any treatment that the patient may mention. Be sure to use your hometown and the name of your practice as well.

4. Share!

Videos are an incredibly powerful resource because they can be used almost anywhere. So use and share them accordingly!

First and foremost, upload your video to YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google and is the 2nd largest search engine with over 3 billion views per day. If you aren’t uploading these bad boys to YouTube, you’re just missing the boat entirely…

Next, embed the YouTube video on your website and your blog. Finally, share the video via your social media- Google+, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


When you consider the Zero Moment of Truth phenomenon, it’s clear that your potential patients are making their purchasing decisions based on your online presence. Video marketing for dentists is an effective way to reach out to those potential patients. Video testimonials engage your users, demand their attention and earn their trust.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and 76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites. Don’t get left behind. Don’t ignore the untapped potential of patient video testimonials.

For more information on dental video marketing or for more tips on patient video testimonials, contact Dentist Identity at 1-800-303-6029.

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