Contrary to what most people might think having a dental website does not automatically mean that you’ll be raking in money. Not all websites sell products and services online. In the case of dental websites, this is impossible. In order for dentists to make money, their online visitors still have to head to their dental clinics. So why do dentists even bother with websites then? Websites can actually be used to attract patients and motivate them to visit your brick-and-mortar dental office.

A dentist’s main concern is to reach out to those who are part of his or her practice’s target market. Every dental practice has a target market in mind. For instance, there are practices which cater primarily to working, young adults. Most of the time, these practices specialize in cosmetic dental procedures since this section of the population are those who are very much particular with their appearances. Because practices have limited resources, chances are that they launch only target advertising and marketing campaigns. That is, they make sure that the message of their advertisements and their promotional material appeal to the members of their target market. So how exactly can dental practices reach out to the members of their target market?

Search Engines

According to studies, 80 percent of the any website’s traffic comes from search engines. When prospective patients decide that they need a new dentist, they usually turn to the search engine for their research. In order for you to find out if your dental website is one of the first few hits that your prospective patients will find in the search engine results pages when they’re making their queries, you can type up some keyword search terms and make a query yourself. Aside from the usual terms “dentist”, “dental clinic”, “dental practice”, make sure that you also include your location to narrow down the results. If you see your website on the first page, then there is a high likelihood that members of your target market will reach your website. If you’re not on the first, second and so on up to the 10th page, then it’s time to seriously consider getting a SEO expert.

Keyword Tool

Maybe the reason for why you aren’t attracting the right patients into your website is because you’ve optimized your website with the wrong keywords. Try to type in your keywords and see if your website makes it to the first page. If it does but you’re still not converting visitors to patients, maybe your ideal patients are searching different keywords. Invest in keywords research so that your website attracts the right people.


Part of being successful online is being able to know your way online. You can ask your existing patients if they have ever visited your website, and, if they have, what their feedback are. Request them to be very specific with the good and bad points that they have noticed with your website.

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