trafficAre you one of those dentists who cannot understand exactly what the hype on dental websites is all about because you’ve never really hooked a lead with your own dental website? If this is the case, then you might need to understand the concept of a traffic before you go further.

What is “traffic”?

No, this does not involve automobiles or the use of any motorized vehicle. On the other hand, what this traffic means it the movement of dental visitors into a certain website. Incoming traffic is the number of individuals who visit your site while outgoing traffic is the number of visitors who exit or leave your site. If your dental website has high incoming traffic, then a high volume of individuals are arriving at your website.

Why is traffic important?

Traffic measures how visible your dental website is. In order for your dental website to market your dental services, then they need to be seen by your prospects and patients. How exactly will you be able to sell your services to individuals when nobody knows that your dental website, let alone your practice, exists? It’s just like with your physical dental clinic. If it is found in an obscure place where people have a hard time finding, then don’t expect to get a lot of prospects and patients.

How can you drive traffic?

Now that you have understood exactly just how important traffic is to improving the productivity of your dental website and your practice in a whole, it’s time for you to think about the different ways to drive traffic to your dental website. While you might want to consult an SEO expert for this, you can chip in to the entire goal a little bit here and there:

Incorporate your dental website to printed marketing materials.

Are you giving out free t-shirts or sending out direct mail to your patients and prospects? If that is the case, then try printing out your dental website address. And it also helps if your domain name is easy to remember. Doing so will allow your prospects and patients to remember your website in case they are interested to know about your services.

Link your social media accounts to your dental website.

You can drive traffic from your dental website’s social media account to your dental website by posting snippets of new content which you have published in your dental site and then incorporate a link.

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