cube-150x150Content is something which every website must have. In this information age, what you put forward — the tidbits of information which you offer to your website visitors — is the most valuable currency you have in converting prospects to patients. The main reason why people look for websites online is because they have questions that need answering and problems they need solutions for. You, as a small business owner and in running your dental practice, should be able to provide your visitors with the information they are looking for if you want to convert them into paying patients. Of course, you do that through content.

What are the different types of content?

If you’re out of ideas as to how to create content for your dental website, then here are some tried-and-tested content staples:


This is one of the more popular forms of content because people are often searching for how to solve their problems. The best thing about these how-to articles is that it gives your patients something to work on. According to basic psychology, people become more interested in something which they can see themselves doing. For this reason, how-to content are perfect for prospects and patients who want to know exactly how to deal with various dental conditions such as teeth sensitivity and toothache.

General Information

Sometimes, your prospects and your patients simply want to know exactly what a certain product or service is. If this is the case, then you can easily publish articles in a general descriptive form. This is helpful when you’re first introducing a certain product or service just like when you’ve first unveiled your CEREC technology equipment or obtained a new teeth whitening system which can lighten dental stains in a shorter amount of time. Before your prospects or patients can opt for such product or service, they must first know what that product or service is all about.

Questions and Answers

If you want a bit of input from your patients, then try posting Q & A articles. Get ideas for questions from your patients and then expound on your answers through a form of an article. You can pick out the most commonly asked questions from your patients. The best thing about this type of content is that you’re hitting two birds with one stone because you’re not just putting out an interesting topic but you are also wooing your existing patients by answering their questions.

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