Regardless of what month of the year it might be, it’s time for dentists to evaluate their status of their online presence. How exactly are prospects reaching or even simply learning about them with the help of the internet? While having a dental website is a requirement for any practice which wants to flourish with the help of the World Wide Web, social media is territory that most dentists still have explore. Sure, you may have already created your Facebook page but how do you link likes to getting new patients? In the world of re-tweets and likes, what is one tag equivalent to?

1. Be visible on your friends’ newsfeeds.

Having a Facebook page is just step one. The question now, how do you get your friends to take notice of you? If you know the basics of this social networking site, you are well aware that your posts and statuses show up on your friends’ newsfeeds. So start making status updates a number of times within the week. Make sure that your posts are witty and helpful enough to entice your friends to click on it. Just like anything else, too much of a good thing is bad so restrain yourself from making status updates every hour, by the hour.

2. Try tweeting.

You already have a Facebook page, so do you really need a Twitter account too? Well, yes. The beauty of Twitter (and what sets it apart from other social media sites) is its microblogging platform. It basically celebrates the entire idea of ‘less is more’ which busy, on-the-go professionals adhere to. You can send out a short tweet once every day and your followers can check it out while they’re travelling, having lunch or essentially at any time or any place where they can whip out their smartphones. Simply put, it’s one of the best ways to stay connected to your patients and prospects without you inconveniencing them.

3. Involve the rest of the team.

Marketing through social media should be fun and candid, not something too orchestrated. While you still need to keep things professional to some extent, ask your employs to chip in every now and then. They can write their own blog and attach it to your dental site, or maybe create their own Twitter account and tweet about your practice. If you need more reason to get your staff involved, how about this one – a happy work environment is more inviting to patients.

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