The thing about dental marketing is that you must have the ability to spot opportunity that sits right in front of your eyes. Most of the time, the reason for why a dental marketing strategy fails to work is because it does not take into account things which are extremely obvious. With the help of the internet, it has become so much easier for dentists to communicate with their patients. However, some dental practices only appoint the use of emails as a means to send appointment reminders and confirmations. By doing so, you’re underutilizing this ingenious innovation.

To answer the first question that might pop in a dentist’s mind: does email marketing really work? Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. It all depends on the quality of email addresses that you have on your list. For instance, if you simply bought a list of random email addresses and then started sending out promotional material to get them to go for cosmetic services than chances are that your email marketing campaign might not go far.

However, if you started emailing your current patients then maybe you’ll see more results. The only tip when sending emails to current patients is that you must not over-do it. Maybe an email each month is enough to get existing patients to elect a substantial amount of new work. But why target existing patients? The logic is simple. It’s far easier and much less expensive for a dental practice to keep an existing patient than to bring in a new one.

So what should go into your dental marketing emails?

Referral Program. This is something which your patients absolutely must know about. You might be losing out on a good number of patients just because you didn’t motivate your existing patients well enough for them to promote you to their friends and family. Also add in your special reward for successful referrals.

Treatment Highlights. The reason for why some dentists lose their patients is because their patients did not know that they offered other services. To keep your patients from jumping ship, keep them informed. After informing them, you can motivate them to try a new service by highlighting its benefits in one of your newsletter’s articles.

Newsletters. Show your patients that you really care about their oral health by sending them an email chock-full of helpful articles which will help them go through a myriad of dental dilemmas.

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