While dentists may be thinking about sophisticated ways to bump up their practice’s productivity, patients are actually not that difficult to please. In fact, they’re often impressed by small, although thoughtful, changes. No, you do not have to commission a new billboard or place a new advertisement on your local newspaper. Here are a couple of simple things you can do to improve your practice, and the best thing is that you can accomplish these things in just a couple of days.

1. Come up with a logo for your practice.

Some dentists just don’t get the point of having a logo. They’ve existed for decades without having a logo and some even just relied on referrals for marketing, so why should they have one designed now? Well, logos are extremely helpful for branding purposes. Just think about the multinational companies which are as popular as their logos – think Coke, Nike, Amazon. Having a logo will give your patients something to associate with your practice whether they find the logo on your dental website or some leaflet handed to them at the street.

2. Update your office’s interior design.

While there are really not a lot of things you can do with a clinic, you still need to make it look inviting and not too clinical. Although it would be very unconventional to have a dental clinic with interiors that revolve around the color red, you can opt for pastels like mint green or sky blue. There’s another practical reason for why you ought to update your clinic’s look. Wear and tear will inevitably be evident after a couple of years and there’ll always be chipped or cracked paint to attend to. Consider hanging new paintings too. That will give your patients something more refreshing to stare at while waiting for their turn.

3. Post new content on your website.

You need to show some love for your “cyber clinic”, too. How do you think prospects will feel if they found out that your dental website hasn’t been updated for months now? If you need an excuse to update your dental site regularly, how about this – a weekly column wherein patients and prospects can send in any dental dilemma which you’ll answer yourself. That effectively addresses two issues – it supplies the topic for your next entry and it solicits participation from your prospects. And you know how much patients just love to be involved.

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