In this digital age, your dental website is considered a game changer. Yellow Pages are fast becoming extinct while more and more people are becoming reliant on the World Wide Web when seeking goods and services. Because it’s very much possible now that your dental website is the first thing about your practice which your prospects will get to see and interact with, you need to have a zero-tolerance policy to certain flaws which could diminish the effectiveness of your dental website. The following flaws you must be on a vigilant look out for include:

1. Not having a strong first impression.

Just like with whatever advertising material you put out, your dental website is an extension of your practice. This means that your dental website should symbolize the same level of care and service that you would like your practice to be known for. Hence, it’s only logical that you should go for a professional website template if you want your practice to be taken seriously by online prospects. Also, if it has been a couple of months, or even years, since you last updated your dental website, then your site may no longer appeal to newer prospect, thinking that your practice no longer exists.

2. Labyrinth-like website navigation.

Intuitive navigation is an essential element of any effective website. Chances are that the individuals who are viewing your dental website are busy professionals who do not have all the time in the world to go through every page of your site. Without having to click on every page, your prospects should be able to gather all the information they need. Intuitive navigation simply means that every button and link placed on your dental website leads the viewer to the exact page which he or she was expecting. For instance, if your online viewer is looking for the ‘contact us’ page, then the link to that page should be descriptive, conspicuous and visible enough for your online surfers to see.

3. Not introducing your practice at the get-go.

You know you’re in serious trouble if your online visitors do not know who you are upon arriving to your dental site. On the landing page of your dental website, you should post information which you’re sure that every patient would want to know such as a short history of your practice, the services which you offer, related credentials of your dentists and contact information. While it’s also not advisable that you overdo the introduction of your practice on the landing page, your visitors should have a good feel of your practice is all about just a few seconds into viewing your site.

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