In this digital era, the fight over patients no longer happens in your dental clinic – the marketing war is waged online. You do not need to refer to any study or survey to find out that the majority of consumers is online and that includes your prospects. But just because you have a dental website does not mean you’re automatically going to reap the rewards in the form of a steady stream of leads and new patients. Your dental website’s success all depends on search engine optimization. So how exactly can you ensure maximum online visibility for your dental site?


Your keywords are the lifeblood of your dental website. Choosing keywords can be rather daunting for neophytes and experts have differing opinions with regard to this matter. But all you really have to think about when selecting keywords is that it should be specific but still hold considerable popularity. Stay away from general keywords, usually one-word ones, which will only gobble your dental website up because of the cutthroat competition. On the other hand, the exaggerated long tail keywords which will help you rank high in searches considerably easier may only expose you to a handful of online surfers and you’ll be left with only meager traffic to your dental website.


To sum things up, website marketing is just one huge popularity contest which is judged by no less than major search engines like Google. While we may never know for sure how Google ranks websites, we do know that the more websites there are linking to your dental site, the higher the chances that you’ll be sitting at the cool kids’ table. But it’s not just the number of links which you should be wary about; you also need to look into how relevant these links are to your dental website. You can still have a number of non-dental sites linking to you but strive to make the majority of your links from dentistry related websites.


One of the most enduring social media platforms, blogging is an indispensable tool especially for dentists who want to make it online. This is because it’s not just a platform which allows your prospects to view and respond to information in a very convenient manner but it, more importantly, allows dentists to publish articles in an effortlessly easy manner. Unlike dental websites wherein updates are only done periodically because you have to take into account a lot of things, you can choose to update your blog daily because it’s that easy to do. And because consumers just love to devour every piece of information they can get before purchasing anything as well as the fact that Google’s mantra has always been “content is king”, you’re doing your practice a huge favor by blogging.

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