For dentists, coming up with marketing campaigns can be exhausting especially since they have to see patients all throughout the day. They really do not have the time to sit down and come up with a plan of action. But being able to interact with patients—paying customers—is actually a strength that dentists can use in their ensuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Why is this so? Because the best leads are the ones who have already tried out your services and found them to be effective. You’ve already established rapport with them, they no longer feel uncomfortable around you and chances are that they already trust you. Here is a three-stepped approach to getting more out of your current patients:

Step 1: Gather patient information.

It’s easy to understand why this should be the first step in the entire process: in order for you to reasonably predict the type of services that an existing patient will opt to next, you need to know a background about him or her. You can ask new patients to fill up an information sheet during their first visit to the clinic or better yet, ask them to fill up an online version of it on your dental website.

Step 2: Make your patients feel warm and fuzzy inside.

In other words, make your patients feel appreciated. People do not always opt for practices based on their track records or their flashy advertisements. Even if your clinic is just a small neighborhood one, individuals will still choose it over others for as long as they feel that they feel more valued once they step foot into your clinic. This means crafting special discounts for them (because it’s not just new patients who deserve 25% discounts on services) and offering exclusive deals.

Step 3: Think about direct marketing.

If you invest so much time and money in courting strangers and turning them into new patients, why should you exert the same effort on individuals who already are your patients? While direct marketing’s existence may have been challenged because of the threatening presence of the internet, it has made a successful comeback with just some slight modifications. Instead of sending tangible brochures and postcards, you can now send out electronic equivalents through postcards and e-newsletters. The advantage of going online is that printing costs are essentially eliminated and you can send out these communications in just a click of a mouse.

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