Sure, it’s very easy to talk about search engine optimization, and how these three words can make or break your dental website. But since the cyberspace is filled with so many articles narrating the dos of SEO, this article will look the other way and talk about the don’ts. In the search engine game, you have no idea how grave an impact mismatched keywords and low-value backlinks on pulling you back.

1. Targeting bad keywords.

The reason for why keywords are called keywords is because whenever someone types these words into a search box, relevant websites automatically pop up – it’s like magic. What’s so astounding about search engines and keywords is that they’re very specific. Your search for cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles and pages upon pages of links of practices concentrating on such niche come up. But picking the right keyword to rank isn’t as easy pie. If you try to rank for a very general keyword, you’re up for steep competition. But if you use keywords which are too long-tailed they don’t make sense anymore, you might not have enough people searching for it. And that’s a bad thing because once you’ve already invested enough time and effort ranking or trying to rank for a certain keyword which is bad you’ve already invested way too much.

2. Not being discriminating with backlinks.

In the past, the rule was the more the merrier. But Google has recently changed the rules so that just because you have an entire list of websites linking to you, it won’t mean anything if the links are low quality ones. Low-value ones are links from websites such as porn, some directories and basically any kind of website built for the sake of SEO. So the rule of thumb that Google now abides by is this: get backlinks only from websites which are related to your niche.

3. Pleasing search engines so much.

At the end of the day, your dental website should serve human readers – those who value coherent content, choice of words, and syntax. If you fill your articles with just about every keyword that they no longer become readable, while you’re pleasing the search engines, you’re actually turning live readers away. While you might be leading massive traffic to your site because of your meticulous attention to SEO guidelines, your bounce rates will also be up because as soon as you lead visitors to your site, they’ll be clicking their way out.

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