small_3965527421If you’re trying to make it big with your dental website, then you need more than just enticing pictures on your web pages. In this information-fuelled world, individuals are not just looking to be wowed with flash intros and design templates; they are looking for content. The best contents are those which go viral, and once an article or infographic which you post goes viral, this can do a world of wonder to your dental practice. If you’re thinking about strengthening your content marketing campaign, here are some of the mistakes which you should avoid:

Not singling out the right target audience.

If you want your content to sell, then you need to know, first and foremost, who the part of your target audience are. For every type of target market, a different type of content is required. How do you find out exactly who are part of your target market? If your patient information files aren’t enough, you can actually commission your own mini-survey. Ask your patients to fill up short feedback/survey forms once they’re done with the treatment. Ask about their web surfing habits, if they have accounts to certain social media websites and what kind of information they usually look for online.

Not knowing the difference between content and advertisement.

There is a world of difference between content marketing and advertising, and one of the most common mistakes of content marketing is when you mistake one of the other. Content marketing is when you talk about your services in a strictly informative tone. However, in your zeal to market your services to prospects, you may be advertising more and informing less. And since basic human psychology would dictate that humans do not like being aggressively sold to, you may be turning away prospects instead of reeling them in.

Not continuing your marketing campaign.

Just because you have a dental website which is filled with all sorts of content does not mean that you can afford to let go of your marketing campaign. You still need to focus on generating leads through emails or through direct mail, as well as running print ads in your local dailies. While your content marketing campaign is working, you still need to have a clear enough call to action which comes only when you advertise. The good thing about having both content marketing and advertising campaigns is that you don’t have to spend that much for ads anymore.

photo credit: Intersection Consulting via photopin cc

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