A website for your dental practice can help you reach your target market, and boost your revenue eventually. Some dental sites, however, apply different features that make their site appear less professional. Here are some of the things you need to avoid when designing your website:

Using Background Music
Do you want visitors looking for the button to turn off your music? Unless you are providing music services, using background music makes your site looks unprofessional. This may reduce the credibility of your website, making you lose visitor retention. Streaming full version of a song as background music requires many resources. If your site loads slowly, there is a risk of losing some of your visitors.

Adding Gutters
Gutters are spaces between columns of a text in a page layout. It is the least visible part of the page. To create a successful dental marketing advertisement, avoid spaces and maximize the space on your site. You may also incorporate several designs to use the gutter as a design anchor.

Using Images as Posters
Do not use images as your poster. Some dental website developers use images to convey a thought. This may lead to misinformation, though. This is also hard to maintain, difficult for your readers to use, and often slow to load.

Using Glittery Features
Have a simple, professional-looking introductory page and avoid elaborate, flash presentations. Most people visiting your website are impatient. They do not want to wait thirty seconds for your site to load. Some dental site developers add multimedia introductory presentations to impresses their clients. These presentations, however, do not impress site visitors.

Stuffing Advertisements
Avoid placing advertisements next to other ads. There is a high chance that you will be competing with other advertisements for your audience’s attention. Place them next to opinion pieces instead. This section in a publication attracts more readers and allows you to use this traffic to your advantage.

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