Dentists often find that their time has become so constrained that marketing seems impossible. Definitely, dentists are in charge of so many things from being the primary providers of patient care, managing employees, being the figurehead for the entire practice and keeping office productivity up. Time then becomes a very scarce resource for dentists. Fortunately, internal marketing does need too much of it.

The Power of Referrals

Back in the day when internet did not exist yet, dentists relied on the power of good old referrals. However, with the advent of flashy billboards, witty commercials and online advertisements, the fine art of asking for referrals has been on a steady demise. But asking for a simple referral can create a ripple effect that can significantly improve your practice’ productivity.

Know who to ask. The reason for why dentists are hesitant to ask for referrals is the fear that they may be shot down by their patients. But clearly, you’re not going to ask someone who you know is bummed with services. Pick out a patient who you specifically know is happy with your work. This will most likely be someone who has loyally stuck without you throughout the years.

Know how to ask. Once you’re done with a procedure and you’ve given your health teachings, comment on how much you appreciate having a patient like Mr. Y or Mrs. X, and how you would like to have more patients like him or her. Afterwards, express how much you would be glad if he or she can refer you to family and friends.

Know how to value referrals. Once a patient has successfully referred you to someone, it wouldn’t hurt to show your gratitude to the one who has made the referral. You can do this by sending a special thank you note plus a discount coupon on a routine procedure.

Online referrals. Because people have started giving out referrals on social media sites, you need to have a search engine optimized dental website which would-be patients can check out before they book an appointment with you. It’s also help if you create an account for your practice on platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that patients can simply tag your account should they want to direct their online friends to your page.

Not only is internal marketing easy to pull off and cost-effective but you’re allowing your patients to promote your website in your behalf. They are the ones making the recommendations to their friends and family members making this form of marketing, by far, more sincere.

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