Dentists are a special group of individuals in that they aren’t just the service providers; they’re also the ones in charge of the marketing campaign of their respective practice. While there may be a number of dentists who are open to the new marketing tactics brought about by the advent of the internet, but a greater majority is reluctant to make this change. This is unfortunate since the integration of the internet to one’s marketing campaign doesn’t really scrap the logic behind traditional marketing strategies rather it only serves to upgrade things.

Customer Service

In the Past: Before the internet was born, customer service basically consisted of dentists and hygienists answering the calls of patients who were wondering whether their dentures was really meant to fit this way and other trivial yet totally valid patient concerns. Of course, dentists try to be as accommodating as they can be but the fact remains that having to answer every call can be taxing and phoning in can be a rather laborious task for patients especially if they know that they’d have to hold.

At the Present: The same mantra of “make your patients happy by answering their queries” remain the same. However, with the help of your dental website, your patients can post their queries or send them straight to your website. This becomes more convenient for them and for you as well because you can now answer their questions by batch. No more having to entertain so many phone calls within the day. Just a few taps of your keyboard and you’re done.

Finding Prospects

In the Past: Dentists who wanted to be aggressive with their marketing campaign usually hired a person to give out brochures on the street, rented billboard space and commissioned an ad to be ran on the community channel. All these things can be expensive but that’s what you had to do to get noticed.

At the Present: While you’re still trying to attract would-be patients at a venue which you know they will be, the internet gives you a slight advantage over offline marketing tactics in that interested prospects will be searching for you. All you have to be is to be available and by this I mean that you need to have a fully-optimized dental website. People go to the internet when they need to search for goods and services, and as long as your dental site ranks high on search engine results pages, you’re getting noticed.

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