According to statistics, 83 percent of Americans make use of the World Wide Web in order to get in touch with suppliers of goods and services. This means that if you’re one of those suppliers, you need to be easily found on the internet. The Kelsey Group has projected that the internet will soon overtake newspapers with regards to providing pertinent shopping information if it hasn’t yet.

Local searches have become the most appropriate solution. To get ranked high in local it seems you also need a good strong website organiclly as Goggle kinda now puts them hand in glove.
Solomo or social, local and mobile is a new way to go and we are on it…. 🙂

The Problems. Local business owners, including dentists, have several problems to address when trying to build a strong online presence. Some problems include not having any online visibility which means that prospective clients and patients are pushed to their competitors instead. Because consumers cannot search for these businesses online, dominance is shifted to businesses who have successfully marketed their practices online.

Another problem is that while other practices have already launched their dental website, it’s difficult to find them because they aren’t listed on Google Maps and Google’s local business center. What does this mean? Google Places provide a shortcut wherein consumers can find all the information they need regarding a business, from operating hours to location, in just one click.

Lastly, a practice already has a dental website but prospects that make a specific search using this practice’s name are often led to some other website. This is the worst form of online problem which you can encounter given that prospects already know about your practice and that they themselves are reaching out to you, but they couldn’t do so. A lot of consumers search for a specific company or business in order to find out information such as contact numbers and operating hours.

The Solution. All of these problems are addressed with the help of a fully optimized dental website and a Google local listing. According to statistics, adopting this two-pronged approach is enough to effectively increase traffic to your dental website by 150 percent in just one month. At the same time, traffic for individuals who are specifically searching for your practice is expected to bump up by 190 percent.

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