targetingIt is customary for dental practices to list down their patients’ interests and preferences as well as their hobbies. The reason is extremely simple. Dentists need to find a way to start their conversations with you. And what experience has taught us is that there is no better way to start a conversation than to talk about something which your subject finds interesting.

Logical Solutions

When you are sending out information to patients, you should follow the same logic. A newsletter will be futile if it fails to engage your recipients. You cannot expect a response from a 40-year old attorney should you send him a newsletter about orthodontics. At the same time, an 11-year old patient may not see the point in you sending him a newsletter about Invasalign. And you certainly do not want to send out cards which announce your new whitening special to patients who have already explicitly expressed their disinterest in cosmetic procedures.

Before the advent of email marketing, dentists were unable to send out information which is based on their patients’ individual interests and preferences. Direct mail severely hindered dentists’ targeted email marketing campaigns. But with easy-to-use email marketing services, dentists can now section their patients into groups and send each group appropriate promotional and informative material based on their interests and preferences.

Grab Their Attention

The idea is this: if you send patients information which will grab their attention, the more likely it is for them to avail of your latest promotion or at least look forward to your monthly or bimonthly newsletters. And with the help of technology, you can send targeted messages to your patients at a fraction of the cost of traditional mailing.

The first and most important step in email marketing is building a list of patients’ email addresses. There are a number of ways that dentists can collect leads. They may choose to build their list themselves or to pay for an already compiled list. Remember that the success of your email marketing campaign is limited to the quality of your leads. This means that even if you paid for a long list of email addresses, if the people who own these email addresses are not part of your target market, then your campaign won’t prosper.

The best way to launch your own email marketing campaign is to collect the email addresses yourself and, in the process of asking for these email addresses, you can also learn more about the wants and needs of the people who own them. That way you can group the email addresses accordingly.

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