Orthodontists: The most sensitive of Dentists

Marketing For OrthodonticsYoung frightened teenagers and embarrassed adults are your full time job. These people come into your office either wanting a better smile or with really serious issues that are causing them immense amounts of pain; in their jaws, migraines, as well as other related issues. Some of these people will need years’ worth of work, and you will (hopefully!) be seeing them for a long time, developing a relationship with them and their families. How do you make it obvious in your social media marketing that you are a caring individual who will do your absolute best to help these people without scaring them or seeming hokey? Marketing for orthodontics requires a unique approach.

Caring and gentle but clear and concise

No matter where you are in your social media marketing portfolio, no matter what service you offer or don’t offer, you want to be very open about the process that your clients will be going through. Being very clear about the pros, cons and possible treatments will make sure that those who choose to come to you are well informed.

Also, making sure that you participate in the dialogue that your clients decide to hold on your social pages will bring you “down to earth” as many teens will see a dentist as a “Dreaded Authority Figure ™” and try to fight you, even on a sub-conscious level. You want to be sure that your language is caring and gentle, but also firm when necessary.

Promotions and Specials

Using social media for your promotions and specials is something else that you might want to include, which is where a lot of people now look for coupons and discounts rather than in their local papers. Also, holding informational sessions or writing “whitepapers” about your services, treatment options and aftercare will ensure a more informed population, which in the end will mean a better medical outcome for those who follow the advice. More people are willing to read a 300-1000 word article about issues of health that pertains to them than to read a paper of instructions given to them by their doctors.

Talking to adults: Self-esteem and image issues:

Adults who come to you for orthodontic work are indeed a special case. You want to be sure that you are meeting them on their level and not treating them like one of your teenaged or younger clients. Having an entire social media section that is geared for that type of patient will help them to feel more comfortable about coming to you about their problems. In a lot of cases, these issues will link directly to their self-image. Be understanding about how these people feel, as they come from an insecure place. Just think about how you would feel if you were their age and getting braces because your teeth overlap. Not comfortable is it? Your writing needs to reflect understanding of their situation.

When it comes down to dollars and cents, having a strong social media placement is essential for today’s orthodontist since the amount of bad information on the web makes it very difficult for people to get informed information that meets them at their comfort level.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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