With so many avenues wherein you can broadcast your marketing message particularly online, it’s not so surprising why dentists seem a bit confused as to whether they should join one bandwagon after the other. First there was blogging, and the Facebook and now Twitter. One of the questions which I’m sure you’ve been dying to ask is, “do I really need to get into all that?”

To make things far more confusing, the answer is yes or no. It really depends on the kind of website you’re thinking of advertising on, and the level of your commitment for that particular online pursuit. If you’re thinking of dipping your marketing toes into the realm of social media, live chat and review sites, here are some of the things you need to know going in.

Social Media

Since it doesn’t cost you anything to have a Facebook profile, then you really don’t have to worry about investments going into the world of social media marketing. It’s advisable that you have two separate professional (personal account) and business pages.

Regardless of the social media website, be it Twitter or Facebook, the only thing that you have to keep note of is consistency. You need to have the commitment to keep up with a minimum of weekly posts or else the entire point of interacting and keeping in touch with your patients and prospects will be lost. Aside from the standard Twitter and Facebook, also consider having a Google+ profile simply because the search giant which you’re trying to rank high in owns it. LinkedIn is also great if you want to build a network among other dentists and YouTube is great for posting dental videos.

Live Chat

Why do you need to have one when you have a front office worker to begin with who can answer calls? Well exactly! For this reason, most marketing experts aren’t recommending live chat to their dentist clients. If you’re absolutely smitten with the idea of live chat though, you can ask a secretary to handle it for you since chances are that not that many prospects would resort to chatting with you online in order to inquire about your services. When it comes to booking appointments, the phone is still more convenient.

Review Websites

Reviews are always helpful to your reputation given they’re good ones. But no matter how squeaky clean your reputation as a dentist might be, don’t expect that you’re impervious to negative reviews. The best way to combat bad reviews is to be responsive and rectify the problem the soonest time possible. For you to be able to do just that, you need to concentrate all of your reviews into one website so that you only have one website to check out every now and then. So instead of asking general online reviews, direct your patients to Google+ Local for reviews.

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