Smartphones are the laptops of the future. With smartphones being designed to do almost anything, from creating documents to browsing the Internet, with the added advantage of being very mobile, it’s more convenient to do tasks which you would normally do on your PC with your smartphone instead.

Numbers don’t lie.

According to the most recent statistics, 44% of the entire global population are smartphone owners, and, in terms of how many of these individuals use their phones in order to browse the Internet, 90% of all smartphone owners do so. With simple math, you can be fairly certain that a good number of your prospects are currently browsing the cyberspace with the help of their trusty smartphone.

Making the connection between figures and your dental practice.

As a business owner, what can you get out of all those figures? These figures may not seem all too compelling but when you add to the mix the fact that smartphones are different from PCs since it’s not just a tool which can be used for passive browsing but also for action, then you’ll understand exactly why entrepreneurs are rushing to make their websites mobile-friendly. After a prospect finishes visiting your dental site with the help of his smartphone, he can immediately give your office a call using the same gadget. Hence, the delay between converting a prospect into a paying patient is cut considerably with the help of smartphones.

Making your dental website mobile-friendly.

However, before you start dreaming of the new patients you’ll have with the help of the wonderful gadget called the smartphone, you need to take a serious look at your dental website and how mobile-friendly it is as of the present. Because smartphones have smaller displays compared to laptops, your dental website should be configured properly so that visitors can view it well even while browsing through their smartphones. If you’re ready to make the leap to the mobile cyberspace, here are some things you need to take note of:

Speed is your primary enemy. The browsing speed of your smartphone is different from that of your PC. So while it may take no more than a couple of seconds for your dental website to completely load up using your laptop, this is hardly the case when you’re browsing with the help of your smartphone. To keep your visitors from clicking the back button in frustration and impatience, keep your mobile dental site simple. Pictures are nice but they may do nothing but bog down the loading time.

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