As a dentist, there are some simple ways to follow in order to improve your relationship with patients. Some of these things are actually neglected by a lot of dental professionals today, when they should be at the core of customer satisfaction and professionalism. If you are not doing these steps yet, make sure to do the necessary changes. They can only mean well for your business.
• Be a good listener
A good dentist is a good listener. When people go to a clinic to and seek treatment, they have problems which they want their dentist to treat. When they are hurting or uncomfortable, do necessary management to make your patient feel relaxed and safe. Make sure that you know how to practice tact too, especially when some patients are very insecure with their oral problems. Do not let awkward moments govern your patient’s visit. Be a good communicator.
Greet your patients
Greeting your patient is something which a dentist should always do. Without greeting a patient, you do not help build trust and confidence when they are very important in creating a pleasant experience. You can make this more special by putting your patient’s name on a white board that is visible to him before sitting on your chair.
Introduce your team members
Your staff and team members must be introduced to your clients. By being familiar with the people inside your clinic, your patient becomes more confident to come back to your clinic the next time he has to. Friendliness from your staff also helps in the referral scheme. When people think that the people running your place are nice, they might spread the word to other people – giving more chances for your business to expand.
Create a warm environment
Lastly, make sure to foster a warm environment in your office. From the place to the people themselves, make sure that everything harmoniously attributes to a positive environment. Physical aspects of your clinic must be taken care of, such as lighting and appropriate design. The cleanliness of the place must be maintained too as this is a must in any clinical environment. On the other hand, your staff should practice things such as smiling and a friendly body language. This greatly helps in lifting the mood of people. Whenever possible, provide paraphernalia to occupy patients as well, especially when they are waiting for their turn on the dentist’s chair. You can also play some good music and avail of magazine subscriptions for your clinic.

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