Yes, social media is here to stay and it may never go out of style. But should you entrust your entire marketing campaign to Facebook or Twitter?

The answer is still negative. While these social networking sites definitely help build up any marketing campaign, still you shouldn’t delegate bulk of your marketing campaign to just social media. Always remember that Facebook, Twitter and all other related websites are third party websites and, on top of that, they offer free services. This means that their services can change at any minute and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Moreover, social media was designed with consumers in mind, not exactly businesses. The only reason for why the entire concept of social media marketing came to being is because business owners and entrepreneurs are just great at adapting and modifying things to suit them.

Business Page

Before you make something the entire rock of your marketing campaign, you need to have a good grasp of it first and be fairly confident that future changes won’t hurt the campaign which you have been working hard to build up. And the fact is that Facebook is still in the process of transition. It has to keep on evolving in order for it to keep from losing users if not gain more users. One of the great examples for this is Facebook’s business page.

While it’s always advantageous to have a Facebook business page for your dental practice, the fact of the matter is that business pages are still constantly being tweaked. Because this concept is still evolving, you really can’t invest too much into your business page while marketers will always recommend that you do claim your business page. You might think that customizing your business page is a great idea, but only do it if you have extra cash burning in your pocket. Unlike your dental website wherein you can commission templates like crazy, you’ll never know when Facebook will introduce something new for business pages once more.

You Need to Be In It to Win It

While harboring contacts and building a more solid network of prospects and patients is better with Twitter, it’s really difficult to market your practice successfully through Twitter in that you need to send out a consistent amount of tweets per day to stay active in conversations. And for all this trouble, you can only get so much ROI. Because more people still opt to search for your practice through search engines, it’s Google which you ultimately have to please.

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