Good businessmen are the ones which sell the goods which people clamor for. But since you’re a dentist, you have basically little choice but to sell dental procedures. All dentists know that marketing their services is difficult not only because of the dampened consumer spending brought about by the state of the economy but also because availing of a dental service isn’t like buying a tangible good which you can return in case it turns out to be defective. But in order to solve this marketing conundrum, all you need is to understand exactly why people buy things.

The Anatomy of a Purchase

People buy things and services which they either need or want. For instance, meat is purchased by individuals who are hungry and are thinking of having a steak dinner. A sheath dress is bought by a woman who needs to wear something new to work. It all starts with a need or a want. Before people end up with their respective purchases, they begin by having a simply need or want. Your job now is to spot that need or want and capitalize on it when marketing your services.

Differentiating Needs and Wants

It’s easier to market your services to someone that needs it because they’re basically ready to purchase, they’re just making sure that they’re picking the right choice. For instance, a person with a nagging toothache will need to see a dentist as soon as possible, but which dentist is the question. On the other hand, wants are trickier because not only can prospects put off their want but they may not even realize that they have an underlying want to begin with.

Exploring Wants and Tearing Up Barriers

The majority of the time, prospects put off their want when resources are limited. These prospects want to go for a procedure but it’s only that they cannot afford it for the time being. One way to get through this hurdle is to offer financing solutions. Make sure though to pitch this option to them explicitly since most individuals who are short on cash do not openly say that they only reason for why they’re declining to go for treatment is because they cannot afford it.

Try packaging your services to solutions to your prospects’ problems to further convince them to follow their wants and opt for treatment. For instance, braces are the solution for individuals who may not be too happy with their smiles. The same thing goes for teeth whitening procedures and veneers. While your prospects do not necessarily need these things, getting them would still solve a huge self-esteem problem.

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