I bet you already know that for your dental practice to thrive, it needs to have a dental website. But having a dental website alone no longer does it unless it is mobile-friendly. Yes, if you make quick survey, you should be able to find out that more than half of the people in the same room as you are have smart phones. Aptly named, these smart phones allow their users to gain access to the internet wherever they are, whenever they want to.

In fact, the latest study shows that the 38 percent of the American population that owns smart phones, 69 percent access the internet through their mobile devices on a daily basis. If you do the math, then you should be able to gather from all that that a significant number of your prospects access your dental website through their phones. Whether they are able to is of course the problem.

But couldn’t you still view traditional websites even on your mobile phones?

Well, technically, yes. But the experience will only be summed up with two words – frustrating and time-consuming. Not only will the text and graphics be totally out of proportion, but you’d probably be squinting the entire time because the words will be too small to easily be readable. Add to that the fact that you’d have to be scrolling for a good number of seconds before you can get to the bottom of the page. All of these things you painstakingly must go through because your smart phone has a smaller screen as compared to your computer.

But because every smart phone comes with differently sized screens, does that mean that you need to come up with a modified mobile website for every model?

A handful of people are doing that, and with how tedious that is, it’s no wonder why so few are doing their mobile websites that way. The answer is the responsive web design which makes mobile websites not just easier to manage and compatible with almost every smart phone there is, but it’s a lot cheaper, too. Having a responsive website design means that your mobile dental website responds immediately to the type of smart phone that is being used to access your site. By doing the smart move of coming up with a mobile version of your dental website, you’ll stop alienating prospects that are trying to reach you through their smart phones.

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