Most, if not all, dentists are anxious with the way that things are going with regards to the economy. When your business is dependent on consumer spending, you’ll be concerned when the unemployment rate starts to go up and payrolls are being slashed because this only means that willingness to spend is down. All of this boils down to one thing – change. People generally hate change especially if they do not know how to address this change. So how do dentists attack this change? Here are a few strategies that dentists can turn to especially during these hard times.


The most intuitive thing that dentists would do, or at least be tempted to do, is to cut prices. This might work with your basic services and procedures, but it is best for you to keep your high-end procedures the way they cost right now. Cutting costs carries the risk of cheapening one’s image. Instead of lowering your prices, you might want to consider rewarding your loyal patients instead to prevent them from changing dentists. You can give your loyal patients a goody bag with more items just to name one reward.

Add Value

When the economy was good, it was quite difficult to get patients to go for high-end procedures. So imagine how hard it must be to get them to do so now that the economy isn’t doing so good. But some practices are doing just the thing. These dentists get patients to go for high-end procedures by adding value to their current services. When you add value, you provide more features for an existing commodity so that consumers can derive more benefits from it. For instance, for every high-end service that a patients goes for, that patient gets a voucher for a free teeth whitening procedure.

Reactivate Dormant Patients

In every practice, there are always those patients who haven’t been to the clinic for months if not years. Because they’ve already availed of your services, and provided that you put premium on customer satisfaction, it should not be that difficult to market your services to these patients. It always pays to keep in touch with these patients and ask them how they are doing. Dentists can send a simple postcard or email informing these patients of the practice’s newest services and inviting them to schedule an appointment. Of course, keep things light so that you do not seem too desperate to get more patients.

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