In these times when the buck isn’t doing so good, dentists have come up with so many solutions for weathering the tough economic climate. While the Greek might not be up for those austerity measures, dentists everywhere do not have a problem slashing their marketing budgets and keeping a low-profile just to keep operating costs within control while productivity lags. Shark-proofing their practice is something which dentists these days are so preoccupied with; some are even more preoccupied with this than they are with marketing. Here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Don’t stop marketing.

While this might be a counterintuitive advice, Mr. Rhett Butler himself knows that the best time for a man to get rich is during a start and a demise of a civilization. While we’re far from that, in this time of panic, businessmen are all scurrying to safeguard their money and so marketing has taken a drastic dip. Instead of fleeing with them, the ballsy thing to do is to continue marketing now that you have lesser competition. And since individuals will still need to go to the dentist regardless of what shape the economy is in once their molars start hurting beyond pain relievers, being the only one standing is a very good thing.

2. Invest in internal marketing.

It’s understandable if you have to scale down on your marketing efforts. But if you must do that, consider revving up your internal marketing strategy for a two-pronged approach. What’s internal marketing anyway? If external marketing involves billboards and posters which target strangers, internal marketing has to do with selling your services to your existing patients. Internal marketing has been severely underestimated but with it being more affordable to sell to current patients than to market to a new patient, internal marketing is something worth exploring.

3. Take your dental website seriously.

While it might renting out ad space or commissioning a television commercial can be expenses that you’re not willing to splurge on, finding patients online is a much cheaper solution. All you need is a search engine optimized dental site and lots of fresh content. Before you protest that your patient demographics are unlikely to use the internet to find services, think twice. The number of internet-reliant individuals is on the rise with each passing day. If you think about it, making a Google search query is so easy even first graders can search for dentists online.

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