personalized serviceThere’s something so heartwarming with being remembered. Just imagine strolling right into your favorite neighborhood store and being greeted by the owner not just with a smile but also by name. The owner right away knows what you have come for and enthusiastically helps you find it. She knows the answers to your queries and she even shows you some new items which she feels that you might be interested in. This store gives everything that a customer wants – attentive and personalized service. And more often than not, customers of such store will remain extremely loyal because of that top-notch service.

Personalized service and interaction is something which you need to introduce to your dental website if you want to maximize its potential for being a marketing tool. Although this task might be challenging, it’s far from impossible. Here are a number of personalization principles that most Web companies are applying:

Keep it Simple

It might seem too easy but keeping things simple actually is a method of personalizing things. Just take a cue from Amazon. Previous customers get different recommendations based on the things which they have previously browsed and their past purchases. One-click ordering makes it extremely easy to do repeat shopping. And there are countless of customer reviews that interested buyers can check out. Finally, a user-friendly account page makes changing orders and personal settings a breeze. Why make things painfully complicated when simplicity makes purchasing a no-brainer.

First Impressions Last

The first impression is always crucial because it helps us form an initial judgment. This isn’t just true to people or companies but also websites. Netflix is a great example of a website which gives an outstanding first impression. Netflix’s website allows visitors to easily find certain movies as well as browse titles per genre, popularity or actor. Members can rate the films which they have already seen which Netflix then uses to come up with their customized recommendations. There are also customer and critic movie reviews just like in Amazon.

Keep it Relevant

When you are brainstorming on the various features that you want your dental website to have, you need to remember to keep things relevant. You do not just want to put in things for the sake of. You always want your features to help your visitors based on the services which you offer them. So you can probably make it possible for your patients to book appointments online or ask dental-related queries which you will promptly respond to.

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