Online presence is an idea that most dentists have been wrestling with. It’s not that online presence is a concept which is easier thought of than realized; it’s just that dentists confuse online presence with the mere fact of having a dental website. The fact of the matter is that you may have a dental site but that does not assure that you have an online presence. Online presence is how visible you are in the World Wide Web and how easy it is for prospects to come across your website or anything that pertains to your practice. Here are a few tips to improve your online presence:

Keep your dental site up-to-date.

You might notice that I skipped the part where I tell you to have a dental website. It’s just that NOT having a dental website is no longer an option; it’s no longer even on the table. The majority of your prospects and patients are internet-savvy and those who aren’t are being converted as we speak. Everyone is online so it’s also natural for you to be there, too.

On top of the bare requirement of having a website, you need to keep your dental site updated so that it runs like a tight ship. Cover the basics like ensuring that all links work and that all the information your prospects might require (i.e. contact information, roster of services) are present. Once you have that covered, think about your sales page and your pitches. Are they effective? Do they really get the attention of your audience? Is your call to action compelling enough? Do your research and make the necessary changes.

Make your website mobile-friendly.

Yes, the internet has managed to invade other forms of gadgets as well and is not just confined within personal computers. Make a quick survey and ask how many in your staff have smart phones? Chances are that a majority does and maybe you do as well. According to statistics, searches done on mobile phones will be more frequent than those done on computers by 2013.

If you dissect this phenomenon, the reason for it is quite simple – individuals’ hectic schedules require mobile gadgets which allow them to have access to the internet whenever and wherever they are. The time will come when individuals will be making dental appointments while on their lunch break and you’re job is to give them the capability to do so by making your website mobile-friendly.

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