Online presence is one of those motherhood statements which dentists always give out as an answer to the question of why they have a dental website and why they are opting for online marketing. However, the more important question would have to be, how do you know that you have online presence? And how do you work towards achieving this goal?

Do you have ‘online presence’?

You don’t achieve online presence just because you launched your non-search engine optimized dental website last week contrary to what most dentists think. Online presence is something which you cannot buy and acquire in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, online presence is something which you have to painstakingly work for, and this is the reason for why you cannot right away dismiss the people who are working to optimize your dental site. So how do you know that you’ve already that elusive ‘online presence’?

Try doing this simple experiment: search for your practice using any of the major search engines and try to see if your website is one of the many which pops up in the search engine results pages. And considering that a link to your dental website does surface, what rank did it occupy? Did you finally find the link to your website on the seventh page? Just because you did does not give you any assurance that you actually did well since it’s been proven that online searchers do not look past the first page of the search engine results.

Simply put, you can say that your practice has gained ‘online presence’ when it is easily found whenever it is searched. That is to say your website ranks high in searches and is always on the first page of the keywords that it is optimized for. Now that you know when you’ve actually gained ‘online presence’, it’s time to answer the more difficult question.

How do you gain ‘online presence’?

Update your website. Google and other search engines are on the trail for websites with fresh and original content. At the same time, the content you post could determine just exactly how credible your dental site is. For instance, if you publish scholarly articles or transcripts of interviews you’ve done with experts on your field, then the perceived authority of your dental site will also skyrocket.

Ask for reviews. Certain search engines, specifically Google, use online reviews as a means of gauging how competent and credible your practice really is. This is especially so when they’re picking links which will be featured on their Google Places results page. So if you’re fairly confident that you made a patient happy, ask for an online review.

Of course, these two methods which were mentioned are just a couple of the myriad of ways to get your practice the online presence that it needs. However, with the help of a reputable SEO company, you should be able to give your practice “webutation” a boost in no time.

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