Dental marketing can be an extremely confusing subject. There are a lot of questions which must be answered before a dentist is able to formulate a marketing plan which is appropriate for his or her dental practice. Although marketing can be very perplexing, it is still a necessity. In fact, marketing is integrated in every aspect of running a business. Your business cards, your office décor, brochures and your website are all designed to market your dental practice. For this reason, dentists need to be aware of effective marketing tactics.

What is your message?

In order for you to market your practice successfully, you need to come up with a compelling message. You can come up with secondary messages but you need to formulate a core message that your target market can associate with. For instance, Ford’s main message to consumers is that their cars and trucks are “Built Ford Tough”. You need to come up with a message which your patients and prospects will remember your practice with instantly. Whether you run a family-based practice or a cosmetic practice with cosmopolitan feel, you need to integrate that message in your marketing strategy.

Establish a brand.

Similar to coming up with a marketing message, branding should go hand-in-hand with your marketing strategy. Once you have come up with a message, you need to create a message which fits your message. For instance, you can create a logo which embodies what your practice is all about. Or probably your clinic is designed in a way so that patients right away feel that unique experience which your dental practice has to offer.

Strive for consistency.

You will have to produce a number of marketing materials but you need to make sure that your tools match the message and the image which you are going for. If your logo highlights two colors, make sure that your marketing materials reflect these two colors. After you have ran your marketing campaign for a considerable amount of time, your patients will start to associate simple things like colors and logos with your practice. If you start distributing materials which deviate from the theme which you have used, it will take a long time for your patients to realize that these materials are actually from your practice.

Be Creative.

Dentists can send e-newsletters without having to spend much for these materials. Because one does not have to worry about the cost, dentists can be as creative as they want.

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