Marketing BasicsMarketing is an extremely refined process,it can be confusing to someone who doesn’t have the training or expertise as a marketing specialist would have. nonetheless, some business owners have to be both the service provider and the marketing expert all at the same time. This is especially true with dentist. Here are a few basic marketing concepts that dental practitioners can turn to when marketing their practice. Getting the marketing basics right is a key to a successful practice.

1. Help Instead of Sell

People, by nature, do not like being sold to. This is why they reject overaggressive sales pitches. They do however react more favorably to people who convey that they’re purpose is to help them out, rather than sell a service or product to them. There are a lot of ways wherein you can show to your patients that you genuinely care for their dental health. One way is to send out postcards or emails to your inactive patients encouraging them to drop by your office because you would like to follow up on a problem which you found during their last check-up. You can even offer these patients an incentive for making an appointment, like a take home teeth whitening kit or a gift card. You can also send them a promotional discount for a service that they may be interested in, such as teeth whitening. An easy way to show you care is by calling patients to remind them of their appointment.

2. Only Two Feelings – Bad and Good

There are two emotions that your prospects will feel when you’re marketing to them – good and bad. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the reason for why people opt for these products and services is because they want to feel positive about themselves and reduce or completely eliminate any existing negative feelings associated with their image. They want to replace their feelings of insecurity with the help of veneers or braces. This is why when you are marketing to potential patients; you should explicitly say how a product or service addresses a problem (bad feeling) with your product or service’s advantages (good feeling).

3. Offers Matter

Some ads hint around to consumers without exactly making an offer. Unless a viable offer is made, then nothing will really happen. If your ad or flyer simply talks about how your practice exists, then your audience won’t really feel the need to make an appointment with you. This is because your prospective patient is not presented with an offer that he can decide to accept or not.

However, when you do make an acceptable offer, your potential patient will stop for a second and think about acting on the offer now or passing it up for now. Simply saying that your practice is the best in your area will only cost you in missed sales. But when your ad includes a compelling offer, chances are that a number of prospective patienets will respond to your ad.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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