Moving into a new office can be extremely tedious not just for you but for the rest of your staff as well. Packing everything and then transporting all of them into a new space can be tiring if not very hassling. But after you’ve unpacked all your stuff and rearranged them, your work is still far from done. Whether you’re just moving or starting your practice, moving into a new place will give you a rare window of opportunity to market your practice.

This is because locations will only be new once and in the marketing vantage point, new sells. A new location will, almost always, require the printing of new marketing materials so dentists should take the time to re-evaluate their existing marketing tools to make sure that they really sell. With a new office, you have can have a fresh new start so that you can always think about new branding ideas for your practice.

One thing that has kept dentists puzzled is how to fill their appointment book after they have successfully relocated. Although there are no hard and fast rules with regard to this, there are a few things that dentists need to understand.

Fact No. 1

You will lose a couple of patients. Part of why some people chose to go to you is because of the convenience of having your dental clinic just around the corner. Having said that, you need to control your defection rate. One easy way to do so is to announce your plan to relocate earlier so that patients can prepare for the upcoming move. Or send your patients special postcards or brochures which do not just announce your plan to move but also enumerate the ways that they can benefit from the move.

Fact No. 2

Patients do not think about you and your office. Rather, they are all about what’s in it for them. So when announcing your move, make sure that you always fill them in on how they can benefit from you moving. You can talk about better parking or new facilities. But never harp about yourself.

Fact No. 3

Don’t make things simple. When you’re announcing that you’re moving, use that opportunity to make special offers to your existing patients as well as prospects. Again, people won’t be interested in the bare fact that you moved to a new location because there’s nothing in it for them. But if you throw in a couple of freebies and discounts, then they’re sure to flock to your new office in droves.

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