Social media isn’t going to die any time soon. And for this reason, majority of entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of various social networking sites in promoting their business. In fact, if you make a quick survey, you will find out that majority of your patients have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. And because the main battle cry of these social networking sites is communication and interaction, the best way to engage with your patients and prospects is to meet them in these platforms.

If you’re now encouraged to use the Facebook-route to capture the hearts of your patients and numerous prospects out there, here are some creative ways to do so:

Patient Education.

Other than actual goods and services, most of your prospects are huge consumers of information. And they’re not just after those old wives’ tales – they want the facts and they want these facts from the horse’s mouth. Articles written by you carry more credibility because you are a considered an authority in the field of dentistry. Using your Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote such posts can really help to drive traffic to your dental website.


Are you thinking about a week-long free dental checkup drive? Or maybe you’re throwing in a free teeth whitening procedure with every oral prophylaxis for the whole month of May? Don’t just create a poster about it. Announce whatever new gimmick you have planned via tweet or via Facebook status. Because you can expect a handful of your patients, followers and friends to check their accounts, if not once a day, a few times every week, then you’re sure that your tweets and posts won’t go unnoticed.

Setting Appointments.

In this digital era, your very busy patient no longer has to phone in just to schedule an appointment with you. In fact, he or she can simply send a private message to you on Facebook if not send you a tweet on Twitter, and schedule that appointment for next week. You can ask your front office staff to facilitate these online transactions. Because these transactions are simple enough, you really don’t have to invest much in training your staff.


Your patients and prospects use social media to communicate with each other. Some time in their daily correspondence, one of your patients’ friends may casually comment on how his or her tooth has been hurting like crazy for the past few days. Your patient then makes a referral in your favor and then includes a link to your Facebook page. If you don’t have one, then the friend will have to go through the tedious process of searching for you online and you run the risk of losing that prospect. But by simply clicking on that link to your page, the prospect has all the information he or she needs to make the decision to call you up and schedule an appointment.

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