A good marketing campaign has to bring together the wisdom of tried-and-tested marketing concepts. If you’re not too acquainted with these concepts yet, then it might be a good idea to start learning about them now.

1. Help, not sell.

This should be one of the foundations of your dental practice. People hate it when services are treated as mere commodities and every appointment is nothing more to the dentist but a transaction. People want to be cared for and valued.

The reason for why some practices, although they may have come up with the best marketing promotions to lure prospects into their practice, cannot get a person to sign on as a patient is because they focus too much on making the sell instead of accommodating the patient’s concerns and understanding his wants.

2. There are only two emotions that matter – feeling good and feeling bad.

When it comes to marketing, only two emotions exist, or at least matter. The reason for why people purchase goods and services is because they presently feel bad and want to feel good after their purchase. You can apply this concept to almost any kind of commodity which you purchase like food, clothes and cars. You feel bad about your old car so you decide to purchase a new one instead, and you naturally feel good.

So transposing that concept to your dental practice, the reason for why people walk in to your clinic with and opt for treatment is because they feel bad about the current status of their dental health and would like to feel better after the treatment. You’re offering your patients a solution to their problems and you should make sure that they leave your clinic feeling nothing but good.

3. Make an offer.

If you do not make an offer to your prospects in the form of fliers or ads, then you can expect nothing to happen. But when you do make an offer, the prospect now has to decide whether to take the offer or to pass on it. With marketing, you need to make a lot of offers in order for you to sell more. A lot of dentists do not understand the power of an offer. If they did, they would be offering their existing patients other services. For instance, after an oral prophylaxis, a dentist can always offer a patient a simple teeth whitening procedure.

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