dental sales conversionYour dental website may seem static and unresponsive in the eyes of someone who isn’t that adept in the ways of the internet. With how individuals have regarding selling things to personal interaction where a salesman or a front office person is able to physically see a person and talk with him or her, how a simple website can convert a prospect into a patient is something which may be baffling. But if you think about it, your website actually acts. It has to act if it can turn prospects into patients, and it does so in three ways — by luring, converting and urging a prospect to act.


When you try to lure in a prospect, then you need to do so with the help of your dental websites’ graphics and templates. While you might think that sophisticated backgrounds are what makes a website more charming, studies show that prospects actually measure how professional a business is by how much of minimalist the entire website is. People actually get put off by websites which are just too crowded and cluttered with pictures. At the same time, impressing a patient means making sure that your dental website loads in a quick manner. While flash intros are great, you should carry an option to skip it should your visitors be in a hurry.


The next step is to convert visitors. Without having the proper means to convert visitors, then they won’t have any other reason to stay on your dental website other than the fact that you have really cool graphics. Converting visitors into prospects entails the need of quality content. Your content should show the extent of your knowledge in the field of dentistry, and also give your readers fair and balanced perspectives of certain dental procedures and dental diseases in order that they can make a more informed choice.

Urge to Act

Once you have sold your visitor with your graphics and turned a him into a prospect with the help of your articles, it’s time for you to plant into your prospect’s head the need to call you or visit your physical dental clinic. To do so, you should have a clear call-to-action. A call-to-action is basically something which you want your prospect to do after reading an offer or an article. Do you want your prospect to call you and inquire about your services or do you want him to drop by and schedule an appointment with you? Regardless of what you want your patient to do, you should be able to state your call-to-action in clear terms.

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