Low Cost Dental AdvertisingWith the way that the economy is going, dentists are finding it more difficult to get new patients to walk into their practice. This can be very strenuous for dental professionals, especially since their revenues depend on the number of patients who opt for treatments. Understandably, money is tight for everyone these days and getting creative with your advertising is one way to endure the diminishing number of new patients that are being scheduled. Here are a few low cost advertising tips to give you a leg up without draining your wallet.

1. If you don’t have then time, you do not have to worry about coming up with your own advertising strategy because specialists often work for radio stations, magazines and newspapers. These experts can help you out by assisting you in collecting demographic information and as well as tips for producing effective but cheap ads.

2. Advertise in the “off hours” and in unusual locations. These ads do not cost that much but they can still reach members of your target audience. And on top of that, you can afford to have these ads ran for a longer period of time than when opting for ads during peak hours.

3. Opt for consistency rather than making a big splash. Studies have shown that small ads that are run regularly are more effective than big ads that are ran every once in awhile.

4. If you are thinking of placing an ad in a magazine, then go to that monthly magazine towards the end of the month rather than the beginning of the month. By this time, magazines are more likely to sell their ad spaces at lower prices and you’ll get a better deal.

5. If you have an ad, make sure to include your 800 number, if you have one. This often encourages readers to respond to the ad immediately because of the toll free number.

6. Try out the classified ads. They are more cost-effective and allow you to post ads consistently, as opposed to expensive display ads.

7. Try bartering. You strike out a deal with the owner of the local newspaper that you want to run your ads in. Offer free dental services in return for free ads.

8. Who are your best customers? Ensure that your ads are tailored to their wants and preferences. Because they are the ones who you want to see in your appointment books, then you should always come up with an ad which best captures the attention of these people.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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