While you’ve probably heard from countless of people within the industry, and even random individuals who aren’t associated with the dental world, the proverbial advice telling you to take your practice online by having a dental website, instituting this advice might be a huge problem. It’s just that unless someone gives you clear cut reasons for why you should have a dental site, the entire thought of paying a person to create and maintain your website is just a waste of money. While there are so many arguments supporting the relevance of dental websites in one’s marketing campaign, here are just a few:

1. Cheaper substitute for print advertising.

Back in the good old days, print advertising was used by virtually all businesses. And while still has its place in today’s marketing scheme, its practicality is steadily decreasing. First off, nobody takes the time to read these things anymore. You should be able to attest to this yourself. Think about the times when you were handed a brochure or a leaflet and how you simply tucked it into one of your bag’s pockets or threw it in the next trash bin you saw.

On the other hand, the beauty of dental websites is that you can launch as many print campaigns as you can without having to worry about the cost. And while you may not be disseminating these things to people on the street, a search engine optimized dental website ensures that your catchy print ads are available to those interested prospects who really make the effort to log into the internet and search for dental websites. And you can very much be certain that they’ll value your online brochures and leaflets more than the random guys you see in the street.

2. Better and more effective communication tool.

Another spin-off from past marketing campaigns, having a dental website grants you two-way communication with your prospects and patients. Traditionally, you’d be blasting all sorts of marketing messages to whichever direction your prospects are and the only way that they can respond is by calling you up to schedule an appointment. But things don’t happen like this anymore. Prospects want all the answers they can get before they commit to something and so they’ll naturally want to start asking questions. Blogs are excellent for this purpose. Not only will you be able to post longer articles but you can also solicit the participation of your prospects by asking them to comment.

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