When it comes to online marketing, being the first of something can lead to huge benefits especially if this something turns into gold. There are a lot of small things which have turned into a huge online phenomenon with websites such as Twitter and Facebook just one of them.

Let’s go back to the time when the term “blog” was just a funny made-up word. The individuals who first jumped into this bandwagon were also the ones who made the first millions out of blogging, and while a number of individuals are following suit, they couldn’t match the success of those lucky pioneering bloggers. This story only highlights one thing – being first is all that matters and sniffing for the next big thing has its rewards. Below are some of the trends that are expected to become big in the next few months:

Mobile-Ready Websites

In just the past two years, the number of Smartphone owners has doubled. Back in 2009, only 18 percent of the American populace owned a smart phone but this number has swelled to 25 percent as of late. Because of their mobile browsing capabilities – a common feature of even the most basic smart phones – Smartphone can be used to make online searches wherever and whenever. In fact, Google has recently revealed that 26 percent of their total volume of searches is done via smart phones. Moreover, the search engine giant has found out that 40 percent of mobile phone searches are used to retrieve local information. Especially when you’re marketing your practice locally, making your dental website mobile-ready is something you ought to do sooner rather than later.

Online Reputation Protection

Because consumers have been given outstanding power with the advent of the internet, the World Wide Web is teeming with online reviews, often from extremely emotional buyers. While you can always rely on this set up to provide you with positive reviews, it can also turn on you with the existence of negative and even scathing reviews. And in a pool of prospects that are very much reliant on third-party patient reviews, a review about your practice which portrays your services at a bad light can lead to disastrous repercussions. So what can you do? Start persuading every happy patient that leaves your clinic to post a review for you on Google and other review sites. While you’re not eliminating the presence of any bad ones, a huge volume of good reviews will ultimately drown out the former.

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