When you’re broadcasting your message to thousands of prospects scattered throughout the vast World Wide Web, the idea is to connect with them at a more personal level. It’s no longer about how many you reach with your message, but it’s how you reach each prospect and how your message appeals to them personally.

This is exactly why social media has become an indispensable tool in courting prospective patients – because the entire premise of this platform hinges on interaction with people in a more direct manner. Your online presence would definitely not be complete without your dental website being supplemented with a number of social media profiles.

According to statistics just below 50 percent of small businesses have capitalized on social networking as means of meeting and interacting with prospective new clients. However, around 78 percent of those who do use social media have reported gaining around a quarter of their new clients through the platform. But if a number of businesses are happy with what Twitter and Facebook can do for their business, then why aren’t a lot of dentists opening their own accounts?

Ironically, as straightforward as social media might be to personal users, it can be such a labyrinth for businessmen. Aside from tweeting or posting that you’re having a special discount on those who go in for teeth whitening, what else should they do with their accounts? Here are some of the things that you can broadcast through social media:

1. Share how different you are from the rest.

Just like how girls fall for guys who tell them that they aren’t like most guys, ( i read this in a magazine :-) prospects also go for dental practices that do not come out of a mold. Broadcast how different you are from the rest, whether that is because you accommodate working professionals during lunch breaks or how you put premium on being on-time, ave you have a brilliant staff , ect.

2. Support your community.

Prospects are drawn to businesses that care for their community. BTW, this is becoming more important with Google rankings also we see. Why do you think there are people who reject big corporations for your mom and pop’s establishments? Whether you’re showing your love to your local football team or inviting patients to a little league baseball game featuring a team you sponsor, show exactly how much you love being in your community.

3. Network with other professionals.

Prospects go for people who have gained authority in their field of expertise. And nothing spells authority like having the respect of your colleagues even if they are your rivals business-wise. Also, you may need to refer your patients to dentists with certain specializations so networking always has its perks.

I hope this makes some sense and if you have any questions fell free to give us a ring for more insights as this is what we do. Have a great day and continue to make people smile!

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